Bay County Spring Break 2021

Spring Break 2021 Looms as Bay County eagerly welcomes tourists from across the country, consolidates it’s testing to a building in the woods that maxes out at 500 a day, removes safety procedures from schools, and continues to have no restrictions or protections in place whatsoever.

This town, like many Florida cities, is a tourist town. It has a population of, like, 30,000 give or take, and explodes to nearly 17 million visitors yearly. Most of the main businesses make all of their money during the tourist months, and like much of Florida, it has completely regressed and is only getting worse in regards to the pandemic.

There are no mandates or restrictions in place, and it becomes uncomfortable to even go outside.

Bay County Consolidates its testing to a site with a 500 test capacity because “cases are declining as is the demand for testing” because of some half-drawn up excuse about money,

when, according to the local news, bookings for vacations are higher than they were pre-pandemic

meanwhile, literally ALL the local government officials and small business owners are openly welcoming tourists to one of the largest spring break destinations (look at the pictures on this site, realize it says 500,000 students come every year, which is a low low estimate, and ends with “Don’t miss out on all the action in 2021!” on the news, in the papers, and in their meetings. Wocka Flocka Flame is set to perform in March.

Meanwhile, “the pandemic has amplified the rate of “missing” children at Bay District Schools”and at least 200 kids are literally missing, they just decided that at school,children only have to distance 3ft even though this goes against current CDC guidelines

and if you read these articles, they are literally gaslighting these children, parents, and educators into believing that all of the negative effects of the pandemic are due to following these guidelines, and that it is better to have good grades and be at school than it is to be healthy, and the coronavirus is fake or not to be taken seriously.